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Exfoliation Mitt

£2.99 £5.99

Smooth Skin For A Smoother Looking Tan.

The Bondi Sands Exfoliation Mitt prepares your skin for an even, streak-free tan. Working to help you in two ways; the black side removes dry skin cells and any self-tan residue, while the blue side works to erase any unwanted tanning errors.

Suitable For: Removing stubborn tan and dead skin cells.

Use With: Any of the Bondi Sands Self Tanning Range.

Step 1

Ensure skin is clean and soft by showering with warm, soapy water. Wet mitt and squeeze out excess water.

Step 2

For pre-tan exfoliation or removal of self tan while in the shower use the black side and massage skin in a vertical direction, applying pressure. To correct tanning errors use the blue side to gently rub until unwanted self-tan disappears.

Step 3

Rinse mitt thoroughly and allow to completely dry before storing away.
Q. What is the black side for?

A.The black side prepares the skin by removing any dead skin cells and self tanning residue.

Q. What is the blue side for?

A. The blue side of the mitt removes any unwanted tanning errors.

Q. Where do I use the mitt?

A. Everywhere on your body except for your face and any open wounds or areas of irritation.

Q. How will I get the best result?

A. Use in the shower or bath after a couple of minutes of soaking allowing the water to soften the skin.
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